Andromeda Chained Chapter 18

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 18 of 28
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Time frameDecember 1997
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Carole lets Brenda try on her spare set of Soliel handcuffs as Carole recalls what it was like to first start wearing them. Despite misgivings, Brenda allows Carole to cuff her and learns the basics of wearing them.

The discussion moves to Wendy's accident and Carole's decision to extend her experiment. Her journal at the time ends in mid-sentence. Both girls mention how little they remember of the early days.

Then Brenda asks, "what would you think if I were to ask you if I could wear these for a week or so?"

They agree there shouldn't be a simple deadline, but Carole requires Brenda get permission from Mike before proceeding. Wendy has Jeeves call him at home. Mike consults with his wife, but they agree.

Carole starts on the Life in Handcuffs 102 lessons.

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