Harry Anson

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Harry Anson
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Harry Anson is a train engineer. In 1981 he was working for D&O Railroad and was on Steve Cziller's crew that D & O sent to help.SX6 He did quite well in the poker games, at least early in the trip.SX14

Harry was the one that knew about the Lordston Northern and gave Cziller some of Bill Lee's history.SX6 He wasn't surprised to hear Diane Lee's voice and explained, "It doesn't seem like you'd ever expect a cute little tyke like her to even set foot in a railroad yard, but she runs their Alco, and I've even seen her running their steamer."SX14

Harry retired earlyFtS7 from working with the D&O Railroad before 1999 and worked part-time in the summers for C&SL Railroad. Harry didn't want to work more than 40 hours a week. Dave Ames described him as "a grumpy old fart at the best of times, but he knows his stuff."SQ25 Danny Evachevski wasn't thrilled to work with him because, "About all Anson could talk about was fishing and bitch about his wife."SQ28

Harry spent his winters in Florida.SQ28

With Steve Rumsey added to the roster, Bud Ellsberg was less tolerant of Harry and his difficulties.FtS26 It was issues related to Harry that Bud used to test whether Josh Archer was ready to run the railroad.FtS36