Lyle Angarrack

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Lyle Angarrack
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Lyle Angarrack was part of the Class of 2011 at Spearfish Lake High School.

Lyle was described as "big, heavy, and not popular. He was a nice enough guy, not a bad student, but tended to get pushed around by the football player types."BITH28

When Alan Jahnke to Summer Trevetheck was talking about introducing beginners to a Role Playing Game, mentioned inviting Lyle.BITH30

Ashley Keilhorn enjoyed talking to Lyle, for example when she was working at Frostee FreezeBITH34 and dithered most of the summer of 2010 over asking Lyle for a date. She did eventually call him, although we didn't hear the entire conversation.BITH45