Adam Caldwell

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Adam Caldwell
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SpouseBrittney Mecham
FatherSamuel Caldwell
Matthew CaldwellM

Adam Caldwell first appears in Chapter 26 of the book Winchester Harbor , just after Brittney Mecham breaks up with Jake Lewis. Off-screen he progresses from an acquaintance, to boyfriend, then to husband.WH31

Adam and Brittney have a son MatthewWH33 - but nobody realizes that he is Jake's biological son until Matt develops leukemia around age 12 and the genetic tests involved in preparing for a bone marrow transplant show that Adam is a bad match and Jake is an excellent match.WH36

The story line of the following book Blanche Tickle Girl includes Matt's leukemia returning, and this time causing his death. This contributes to Brittney's mental instability and at the end of the book results in her commitment to Brookview Residential Care Facility, an expensive private mental hospital. She spends four months there.DS2

At the beginning of the book Distant Shores Adam has decided to divorce Brittney after twenty-five years together.DS1 At the time of the divorce he is the chief operating officer and vice-chairman of the board of Caldwell-Deerfield Manufacturing company, but he owns virtually none of it.DS3