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Amherst, Michigan, is a (fictional) town of about 2500 people, thirty miles west of Wychbold (also fictional). It is likely in the same county as Hawthorne, as the Homer Smith estate went to probate there. It was implied to be very near the Indiana border. I-67 is "just beyond the next town to the west," which puts it near Bradford.CAT9 Lawrence is another named town, still in the same county but about as far from Amherst as possible.CAT18 The town's newspaper in the Amherst Advance.CAT20

The law office of Harold deBoer is in Amherst. Liz and Mike Austin live near Amherst while she works as a waitress at the Chicago Inn in Bradford.HS1

Bonnie Smith lived in Amherst, "located at the edge of the downtown area"CAT8 and Catalina grew up there. Her elderly neighbor up the street is named Grace, who would look after Bonnie's indoor plants.CAT16 The farm of Bonnie's brother-in-law Delmer is also nearby.

Catalina once said, "We've got a few Amish around Amherst"CAT14 so their interest in Homer Smith's farm should be understandable.

When Jason MacRae and Vicky Varney wanted a leisurely drive to enjoy autumn leaves, they drove back roads from Bradford to Amherst.HS2

Kayla Holst competed in a cross-country race in Amherst, meeting and just beating Rachel Bacon, who became a good friend and competitor.PUTP20