Rachel Bacon

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Rachel Bacon
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Birth date1989

For other persons named Rachel, see Rachel.

Rachel Bacon is a cross-country runner for an Amherst middle school. She competed against Kayla Holst and the pair ended up challenging each other to better results.PUTP20 The two girls became good friends.

Rachel is described as having red hair and would visit Kayla, even when the girls were just baby sitting.PUTP34 She seemed to share Kayla's interest as a naturalist, skinny dipping with Kayla, her mother and a pregnant Shae Kirkendahl. As Shae told Dave Patterson "Neither of them had ever seen a pregnant woman nude before, and I figured it was a good chance for a little object lesson. Anyway, the three of us spent a long time talking. It turns out both girls consider themselves to be nudists. They go for walks in the woods nude, and swim in a swimming hole out at Rachel's. They both realize it's different and something they can't talk about much."PUTP41