Absent Friend Chapter 14

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Absent Friend
Chapter 14 of 52
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Time frameJune 1978 -
January 1981
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While the public opinion of Vietnam Vets would improve with time, it didn't happen immediately. The post invited other veterans to join, but Harold was disappointed more didn't.

The post supported Glenn's widow and Steve and Ed dated her on occasion until it got serious and Janet married Ed. The new Mackey-Snyder family moved to North Carolina when Ed's job moved to a new Jerusalem Paper plant.

Mark helped Joe Krebsbach with his drinking with the pair joining AA. After two years, Mark stopped going to all meetings, but never drank even at home until after Joe moved to Decatur.

Life went on for the veterans, as it does. We learn a few other little things, like how Jennifer Evachevski went to Nashville and broke onto the country music charts.

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