Absent Friend Chapter 15

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Absent Friend
Chapter 15 of 52
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Time frame1958 - 1980
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Bud Ellsberg came from a family of grocers. He arranged to get himself drafted into the Army to get away from the store, then re-ups to get into helicopter mechanics school. When his helicopter crashes in Viet Nam and he gets into a firefight the grocery business starts to look a little bit better and a lot safer.

When he gets out of the Army he goes back to the family business, which is now a supermarket. Bud takes over completely when his father dies, but after a number of incidents with fire, he sells the supermarket business.

After a discussion with Frank Matson, he sets up the Camden & Spearfish Lake Railroad, taking over those parts of the Decatur & Overland Railroad that were slated for closure or abandonment.

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