Wheat Ridge

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Wheat Ridge is a (real) western suburb of Denver, Colorado. The significance of this town to the SLT stories is that it is the location of the corporate headquarters for the fictional General Hardware Retailers.

Bill and Arlene Riley and Mike and Joyce Kirkendahl lived and worked in Wheat Ridge before and after their time in Bradford. Sue Riley worked for General Hardware in Wheat Ridge for a time before transferring to the Endicott office in New York.GM21

The older Riley children had gone to school in Wheat Ridge. Denis was around 9 years old when he left. The Rileys moved back in 1988 and it was home for Denis in the summers while at college and when she was recovering from surgery.GM18 The Riley's neighbors in Wheat Ridge included Beth and Jack Cottrill.GM17

The wikipedia article on Wheat Ridge is here: wikipedia:Wheat Ridge, Colorado