Jack Cottrill

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Jack Cottrill
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Birth date1970

For other persons named Jack, see Jack.

Jack Cottrill and his sister Beth were neighbors of Bill and Arlene Riley in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

In 1988, Jack had just graduated high school and spent time with Eve Riley as his sister spent time with her old high school boyfriend.

In 1989, Jack had a year of college and "I sort of have a girlfriend down at Tech"GM19. The two couples again spent time together in the summer, including a memorable camping trip where Eve tested her new female equipment.

As Eve later summarized, "Jack and I had considerable fun for the next couple days, and intermittently for the rest of the summer, but that was the end of it. I have seen him off and on again over the years, since for the next several years through college he was still living next door to my parents, although I was rarely there after that summer. I know from my mother that he's happily married now, although I have never met his wife."GM20