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Spee-D-Mart is a convenience store and gas station in Bradford, Michigan. It is significant as the location of Emily Holst's employment. It was located on Main Street at the far end of Main Street from the schoolGM16 and generally had the lowest gas prices in town.HT17 The standard uniform of its workers was "red pinstriped gray".GM1

As her last act in Bradford before moving away, Eve McClellan made her first appearance in town and walked down Main Street and stopped in the Spee-D-Mart to buy a diet pop, unrecognized by Emily.GM16

Emily started working there part-time as a freshman in high school.HS10 In her senior year she was making less than her Class of 1988 classmate Dayna Berkshire did busking with her guitar.HT1 "It wasn't long before the store manager discovered she was very reliable for such a young kid and would let her solo for a while if needed. Emily liked the job; she got to stay active, got to talk to people, and be cheerful and upbeat. The store was one of several around the area started by George VanTyle and now managed by his widow, Sharon; when Emily graduated from high school, Sharon knew Emily was only weeks from marrying Kevin, and told her she was welcome to go full time if she wanted."HS10 Emily was promoted to assistant manager around 1990, after J.J. was born and was promoted to manager a couple years after that.

In October 2001, Emily had an assistant there, Janine. She was a heavy set, not very pretty woman, and had a skin condition that didn't help, but she almost always had a bright, cheery remark or comment to lighten up the morning.PUTP19

Vicky Varney occasionally worked there as a fill-in, although the pay was less than Walmart.HS3

In January 2002 the owner, Sharon Van Tyle, sold the convenience store; a nearby grocery store bought it with the plan to demolish it and expand their parking lot.PUTP32 March 30, 2002 was scheduled to be the last day the store would open.PUTP38