Kevin Haynes

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Kevin Haynes
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SpouseSarah Lackamp

Kevin Haynes is a boatman with Canyon Tours, although he's also a student at Northern Arizona University with plans to be a history teacher. He had been a business administration major, but switched to work summers in the canyon.

Crystal Chladek provides an introduction to him: "Kevin is the blond-haired guy. He's pretty strange, he's one of the few boatmen we have down here who actually shaves every day, and gets a haircut after every trip. He's a good kid, even though he's always late for loading on Sundays, since he has to sneak off to church. This will be his third year on the river, and his first with a raft of his own.CF20 He has been crew for Bill in the summer of 2000 and with Dave and Mary Wells in the fall. In the second chapter of the book Down by the Riverside it's mentioned that he is in his third year as a Canyon Tours boatman.

Kevin had thought about being a minister, but knows he doesn't have the calling. He doesn't think he'd enjoy helping others with their troubles. He likes being a boatman, but doesn't think he'll do it full time, like Al Buck.

Kevin lives with his parents in Flagstaff instead of on the Northern Arizona campus, both to save money and stay involved with his Methodist church, which provides him with a supportive community.

He spends some time with Nanci Chladek during the canyon wedding trip of 2001 told in Canyon Fires .

He led most of White Team to rig and greet the customers at Lee's Ferry for Gold Team who were all at Duane MacRae and Michelle Rawson's wedding.INTA23

He was assistant trip leader on White Team summer 2005 and spent his winters substitute teaching, officiating school sports and working in a tax preparation place.HR24

He met Sarah Lackamp at the 2005 Christmas party. When she joined White Team as swamper in summer 2006 he started spending time with her. After her description of the trauma while leaving RwandaHR19 he spoke to her a number of times helping her to put it behind her. When Sarah returned to Hickory Run in September they held long intense phone calls when he was off the river between trips. Once the rafting season had finished the phone calls became shorter and very frequent.

When Abraham Bowman was released early from jail Kevin drove straight through from Flagstaff to Hickory Run, Kentucky to warn Sarah, arriving only a short time before Abe Bowman. Having been helped by Nanci to put Bowman down he proposed to Sarah and she immediately accepted.HR22

Kevin and Sarah were married by Nanci Chladek at Hillside Methodist Church on New Years Eve 2006.HR23

They continued to run the river for Canyon Tours in the summer.