Abraham Bowman

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Abraham Bowman
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Reverend Abraham Bowman was a Methodist Minister who had been a missionary in central Africa. Frequently referred to as Abe Bowmen.

He was a friend of Harold and Martha Lackamp, and almost the same age. HR3

His first wife had been killed in the ethinc fighting in Rwanda and he only just escaped to return to the States. HR24

Sarah Lackamp's parents suggested he might be a suitable husband for her. HR2

He was apparently getting ready to go to a mission in mainland China as he was studying Chinese in California. HR2 HR9 In reality the missionary society "sent him to learn Chinese more to keep him out of trouble than they had any idea of sending him to China, which has been put off yearly for several years". HR24

Harold Lackamp described him as "a few bricks short of a barbecue pit". HR24

From December 2005 to December 2006 he was stalking Sarah Lackamp, believing her parents had promised her to him when they wrote saying "we think you ought to be able to take good care of her". HR22

He called at Mrs Keller’s Place to see Sarah Lackamp during Christmas break 2005, while Sarah was in Arizona with Nanci Chladek's family. He called again during Spring Break 2006 when Sarah and Nanci had run off to B&G's Surf Shop in Florida to avoid him and learn to surf.

On Thursday June 22 2006 he caught up with Sarah at the Canyon Tours office where he verball and physically assaulted her, before being put down by Crystal Whittaker and then arrested. He was tried on Monday August 14 and sentenced to 6 months in jail including time served since his arrest. The judge also set up a personal protection order for him to stay away from Sarah. '

He was released early, on December 5, 2006 and went straight to Hickory Run to claim Sarah again. Kevin Haynes had arrived first to warn Sarah and defended her from Bowman. HR22

By May 2007 he'd been in an institution for at least a couple of months. Harold Lackamp had thought that would happen sooneer or later. HR24