Mrs Keller’s Place

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Mrs Keller’s Place was an old-fashioned boarding house in Hickory Run, Kentucky.DBR39

The name referred to Mrs. Pauline Keller, a woman dead over eighty years. It was run by Mrs. Ellison, the fifth generation of the same family, who provided three family-style meals of good, solid food each day. The rooms were small and old, but surprisingly well kept.

"In over a hundred years not much had changed. Oh, the kitchen was considerably more modern, the heating system was much better, and thirty years before an extensive renovation had turned the one-bathroom-per-floor arrangement of the rambling old building into the shared-bathroom double suites it now had. There were a few other modern conveniences like Wi-Fi, but the ancient frame building, although kept in good shape, retained much of the atmosphere of the classic boardinghouse it had once been." HR1

Nanci Chladek and Sarah Lackamp shared a suite - two study bedrooms with a shared bathroom between - at Mrs Keller's Place while studying at Hickory Run Methodist Seminary.