Hickory Run, Kentucky

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"Hickory Run was a very small town, hardly worthy of the term; only Mrs. Keller’s Place, the seminary, a small church, and a few houses were there. Until recently there had been a small country store out at the corner of Hickory Run Road and the nearby highway, but it had closed when its ancient owner died. Nowadays, if someone wanted something like a box of tissues or a candy bar that wasn’t provided at the seminary or the boardinghouse, it was necessary to drive into Madison twelve miles away to get it."

"The atmosphere of Hickory Run – and that included the seminary along with everything else – was conservative, even for Methodists."

"Dress was rather formal; men usually wore ties, although a few wore clerical collars; on a warm day a dress shirt was acceptable, but suit jackets were usually preferred. Women were expected to wear skirts or dresses, and not short ones, either. Knee-length skirts were considered to be very borderline." HR1