Hickory Run Methodist Seminary

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Hickory Run Methodist Seminary was located in the fiuctional Hickory Run, Kentucky.

"There were only a few classrooms, and they were in an older building of great dignity just across the street from a surprisingly modest church. There were less than a hundred students in a program that normally ran two years, there were no dormitories and there had never been any."DBR39

Nanci said “They’re the highest-ranked place I applied to, and they are very highly thought of. It’s just a seminary, and not affiliated with a college or anything. It’s supposed to be very intense and not easy to get into since they have a very small class size.”DBR38

It is the background location for the book Hickory Run, which covers the time Nanci Chladek studied here (September 2005 to May 2007). Very little of the story actually takes place at the Seminary.