Hillside Methodist Church

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More formally Hillside United Methodist Church, a fairly new masonry structure. HR6

Kevin Haynes' home church, attended by most of White Team when they are off the river.

Kevin’s family was active in the Hillside Methodist Church not far from his home, and the previous year Preach, Crystal, and Nanci had taken to joining him there for the Sunday service before they got on the river. That was mostly because before he and Crystal were married, Preach had stayed with Kevin’s family on the off weekends; it made no sense for Crystal or Nanci to go anywhere else. Even after Crystal and Preach got married there was no reason to change.DBR5

Pastored by Reverend Gene Miller.

Kevin sponsored Nanci for membershipDBR14, and Hillside remained Nanci's home church through her schooling at Black Mesa and Hickory Run.