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Geneva is a county seat for Dohrman County and is located about twenty miles from Willow lake. It is the home to the Dohrman County Hospital.

In 1975 it had a daily newspaper, the Geneva Reporter,AF08 that invited Mike McMahon for an interview. By 2001 a different Spearfish Lake Record-Herald alum, Matt Peckanen, was hired by the Reporter to cover the state legislature.BB16 In 1984 it had a newspaper called the Geneva Daily Post-Gazette with three full-time reporters, including Don Kohler.

Around 1982 there was also a Vietnamese restaurant in townAF25 although the hamburger stand was more frequented by youth also driving to town for the closest movie theater.

Geneva isn't a particularly large town. County residents would need to go all the way into Camden for a wider variety of stores and a hospital like St. Catherine's with better physical therapy equipment. However the YMCA there does provide equipment for a good workout and the Dohrman County Hospital in Geneva is where Chet Sorensen went after his accident and Lori Watson went there for her baby's birth.

On the outskirts of Geneva there is a library patronized by Ken Sorensen while the Farmer's and Merchant's State Bank is downtown with Henry S. Daly as his family's banker for years.

Carolyn Sorensen worked in Geneva while the Sorensens would take corn and eggs to the farmer's market on Saturdays.

Wrightsville is forty miles from Willow Lake and hosts the nearest college to Geneva, Hinckley Junior College. Also in Dohrman County are the communities of Arvada Center and Willow Lake, about 15 to 20 miles away.