Absent Friend Chapter 25

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Absent Friend
Chapter 25 of 52
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Time frameOctober 1981 - October 1984
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Binky continues teaching Vietnamese to the Toivo expedition, especially to Steve, who she gets very close to. Eventually she takes US citizenship, and marries Steve. After the marriage, Binky is bored and not sure what to do.

Ryan Clark puts her in contact with Tom Rufner of Northwoods Realty, as he needed a receptionist for his business. Binky was good at the job, but one day when Tom got tied up in negotiations Binky managed a sale on her own. Tom gave her a job as an agent, and started looking for a new receptionist.

Binky proved very talented in the real estate business, and eventually was able to out-earn Steve. Later on she bought Northwoods Realty from Tom.

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