Absent Friend Chapter 24

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Absent Friend
Chapter 24 of 52
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Time frameJuly 1981 - September 1982
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Professor of Archeology Rod Matson gets invited to help with the Toivo expedition, Rod always felt let down that he wasn't able to serve in the military like his father; lacking the left hand little finger he was not considered fit for service. This was an opportunity for him to contribute something, although he hadn't know Henry well, he did know him a little through the Boy Scouts.

Rod gives the expedition a few lessons in looking for a body, which brings home to them how difficult it was going to be, even if they were going to be able to take Rod with them.

They realize how important local information is going to be, and hence how important it is that Steve Augsberg learn enough Vietnamese to be functional in that language.

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  • Dr. Kruger, Garth's first Archeology professor