Hinckley Junior College

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Hinckley Junior College, also known as Hinckley Community college, is fictional. In the Spearfish Lake Tales universe it's located in Wrightsville, about 40 miles from Willow Lake, both of wich are also fictional.

They have a cafeteria in the Student Union building, which was a central location to meet after or between classes. There was also a gym open to students that made a suitable alternative to a YMCA.

Judy Niven and Ken Sorensen attend for a year from the fall of 1983 before transferring to Western State University at Athens. Also attending was Sylvia Ricks who was confined to a wheelchair yet showed Judy that handicapped people aren't as limited as she might believe. The college also had a counselor available to those with handicaps.

Real World Notes

There is a town of Wrightsville in Pennsylvania, and a town of Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina.