Arlene Pewabic

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Arlene Pewabic
Female silhouette.png
Birth nameArlene Pewabic
Birth date1928
SpouseMel Austin
FatherTom Pewabic
Elaine AustinFMarch 1960
Raymond AustinMNovember 1957
Vernon AustinMSeptember 1956

Arlene Pewabic had been an army nurse during the Korean War. She was in Korea for about two years, and served in Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) 8063.BR1-28 She spent four years in Milwaukee State College nursing school, graduating in 1948, and then four years in the Army.BR1-29

Arlene was a good looking woman with short-cropped reddish-brown chestnut hair. She was slender, but not thin, and pretty well built. Mel Austin and the crew discovered her in Schererville, on the racetrack. She proved to be cool in a crisis, when Junie and Hap got injured in a crash; she performed first aid and supervising the accident scene until an ambulance arrived.BR1-27

Studebaker Starlight Coupe on Wikipedia

She was driving a red and white '52 Studebaker Starlight Coupe.BR1-28

After winning a couple of midget races at the track in Schererville, Arlene joined the MMSA.BR1-30

In 1954, when Mel suffered a bad crash in Bradford, she decided to wait until he recovered. She took a job as a nurse in the local hospital that he was in, and she and Mel decided to stay in town and build a relationship.BR1-39

Arlene and Mel got married in a nearby Indiana county seat in August 1954. By 1960, they had three kids: Vernon, Raymond and Elaine.