Raymond Austin

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Raymond Austin
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Birth nameRaymond Austin
Birth dateNovember 1957
Birth placeBradford
SpouseGinger Marston
FatherMel Austin
MotherArlene Austin
Chuck AustinM
Will AustinM

Raymond Austin was the second child of Arlene and Mel Austin. He was usually called Ray.

Unlike his older brother Vern, Ray preferred working with his hands to reading. He built tree houses, took things apart to see how they worked, and helped out his father in the garage and the shop.

Ray served a few years in the US Army, and left as a sergeant.BR3-7 In 1984 Ray married Ginger Marston at Bradford Speedway.BR3-36

Ray and Mel built a repair shop near the Bradford Speedway. He is fairly busy at car repairs, as well as managing the track which was handed over to him.

He’s still a racer, and his two sons, Chuck and Will are as well.BR2-27