Vernon Austin

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Vernon Austin
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Birth dateSeptember 1956
Birth placeBradford
FatherMel Austin
MotherArlene Austin

Vernon Austin was the oldest son of Arlene and Mel Austin. He was called Vern for short.

As he got older, he showed himself to be very studious: he hardly ever got anything less than straight A’s, and if a nice summer day came along with nothing better to do you’d likely find him sitting in the shade of the back porch with a book in his hands.

Vern went on through college, and ultimately got his doctorate. Around 2012, he’s teaching Environmental Science at the University of Kentucky, and his children are in the grown-up-and-getting-married stage. While all of them have shown a little interest in the racing at Bradford Speedway that their grandparents built, there doesn’t seem to be much racer blood in any of them.BR2-27