Alone Together Chapter 11

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Alone Together
Chapter 11 of 18
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Time frameDecember 1998
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  • Georgia Tech
  • Combs Aviation at Fulton County airport outside of Atlanta
  • On board Jenlynn's Learjet
  • An un-named beach resort on the island of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands



Jon and Tanisha go back to university, but make time to take some martial arts lessons.

They are not really looking forward to Christmas when they get an email message followed by a phone call. Jennlynn offers to to help them get away from it all for a few days. They are very surprised when she turns up in a Learjet instead of the Cessna 310 they were expecting.

They sun themselves on the beach at St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands.

They talk with Jennlynn about their relationship - Jennlynn doesn't have a boyfriend and doesn't really want one, Jon and Tanisha are the opposite.

Much of this chapter is repeated from a different point of view in Chapter 27 of the book Magic Carpet.