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The Spearfish Lake Inn is unsurprisingly located in the town of Spearfish Lake. It was built in the mid 1960s by a national motel chain that collapsed not long after. Purchased afterwards by a local, it has been a profitable, comfortable business since. It is "regarded by all as the best restaurant in town, although nothing even close to" (what's available in Camden).AC23 The large lounge with bar "was considered one of the most respectable places in town for a night out."DW43

The restaurant is a nice place to eat that typically requires a little dressing up for, as opposed to Rick's Cafe or Spearfish Lake Cafe. It's the place Brenda Hodunk takes her parents when they come to visit and coincidentally run into Jennifer and Blake Walworth, who live just up the street.AC23 While dating Randy took Nicole Szczerowski there for dinner and drinks often.DW39

After finishing the airplane wing ribstitching together, Mark Gravengood offers to thank Jackie Archer by buying her a burger and beer there, but she declines, "I’m not really dressed for the Spearfish Lake Inn", so they go to the Pike Bar instead.ROC1-4 After Rocinante has its first flight with her rebuilt wings, the Gravengoods and Jackie do get to the Spearfish Lake Inn for a dinner and celebration.ROC1-5

The Spearfish Lake Inn provides musical entertainment, especially most Friday and Saturday nights. In winter is provides an escape from cabin fever. In summer it supports the resort traffic. The usual house band is often the Lazy River Band, something that is better than just karaoke, however it has on occasion hosted events, such as the debut of Myleigh Harris and the Boreal String Band.DW39

The Spearfish Lake chapter of the Red Cross had an arrangement with the Spearfish Lake Inn to cover the cost for a few days when someone was burned out of their home. Susan Schneider took Frenchy LeDroit, Monica Laughton and her kids to the Spearfish Lake Inn when Lonnie Iffland torched their home.OC24