Kwame Blythe

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Kwame Blythe
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SpouseShantel Blythe

Kwame Blythe was the older brother of Tanisha.GT2

He considered white people to be tools of the devil.AT4

He tried to physically prevent Tanisha from going with Jon, but with a lucky kick, Jon was able to knock Kwame down long enough for Tanisha and Jon to get away in his car.AT5

In April 1999, just before Tanisha graduated, Kwame wrote her a letter. In it, he blamed his sister for their father's fatal heart attack, and promised to come for her at graduation, and take her back to "her church and her people".AT12

In 2002, he was married to Shantel, but maintained an affair with a white woman Myrna Frederick. Several years prior, he had an affair with another white woman, Vivian Hammerstrom, who then vanished under mysterious circumstances. One of Kwame's congregants, Martin Clemmens, is a paroled criminal whom Kwame used as an enforcer.GT18