Heather Compton

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Heather Compton
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Birth nameHeather Compton
SpouseRuss Compton

Heather Compton is the wife of Russ Compton, and a nurse.WL21 She has a son Lee from "when I was fourteen, and, well, things were tough there for a while. The guy was older than me, and when he found out I was pregnant, he blew town." She met Russ later while in college and have had two more children since. She was described as "a little taller than Tricia, with long red hair pulled back into a mild ponytail tied with a black bow. "HP10

In Chapter 10 of the book Hiding Patty we learn Heather's background...

“I graduated from Spearfish Lake High School. I got my LPN certificate at Riverside Community College down in Camden. I worked in a nursing home and as a home health care nurse for several years while I was getting my RN. That was also at Riverside, on an extension arrangement they have with Northern Michigan.

Heather went to work for Dr. Metarie not long after she got her RN. When Dr. York needs an office nurse Dr. Metarie loans her to Dr. York, who is very impressed with her. Heather ends up working for Dr. York.

It is Heather that gets Tricia to learn to cook, starting with spaghetti.HP15

When Janice Lufkin was recovering from sexual assault by her father and brother, Heather provided the home nursing care.SK19 She enjoyed making house calls, even on Christmas Day as "she needed a break from the noise and the football games at her house"SK22 Heather was able to have a frank discussion with Janice about teen-aged pregnancy.SK23 Heather appears to have influenced Janice in becoming a nurse herself.