Riverside Community College

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Riverside Community College is a small school in Camden providing two-year degrees and transfer credit to larger schools. It also hosts an extension program with Weatherford College, just south of townAC3 and another extension with Northern Michigan University for nursing.HP10 Riverside was described as "a collection of low masonry buildings, looking modern almost to the point of ugliness, and spread out around a mostly treeless green campus."SU8

Riverside has an agreement with Spearfish Lake schools, and presumably some others, providing High School students with dual enrollment options. As Harold Hekkinan once explained to Susan McMahon, "It’s designed for seniors, or sometimes juniors, who are looking to get courses that we can’t give them here. Usually it’s technical-type courses, but any course they offer is open for it so long as you meet the other qualifications, such as prerequisites. The nice part about it is that you fill the class-time requirements here, while getting college credit, and the school will pick up the tuition, up to six hours per semester."SU6

Brenda Hodunk earned her degree "from Weatherford, but most of her classes had actually been at Riverside Community College, not far from her home, and her degree was mostly an extension degree"AC3 Heather Compton earned her LPN from Riverside and finished her RN there using their extension program to NMU.HP10

Joyce Thatcher was an admissions advisor who helped Susan Langenderfer-McMahon understand which courses would be most use to her.SU8

Heidi Hayward was a German-born worker in the Registrar's office in 2004. She recognised Susan Langenderfer-McMahon's Abitur certificate and confirmed it covered the high school graduate requirement for Susan to be a full time student.SU8 SU10