Andromeda Chained Chapter 3

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 3 of 28
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Time frameSeptember 1997
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Brenda introduces herself to the principal of the school, Harold Hekkinan. She has a hard time getting over the feelings from when she was a student at school, which hadn't been a happy time for her. She labels Harold as an archetypal dumb phys. ed. teacher. Harold tells her that there had been an incident where a knife had been pulled, but will not give her any more details as he doesn't know her, and the people involved are all legally juveniles. Brenda checks with the police, but again, other than confirming that an incident had occurred, she can't get any more detail.

Brenda joins the Women's Fitness Center, but is rather skeptical, thinking back to gym class at school. However, Connie doesn't seem to be like a school teacher and they talk about long term and intermediate goals.

Brenda returns to her apartment tired, as was to be expected. She thinks there is a story at the school, but hasn't got anything to go on. There are no messages from Falconswing, so she goes to bed frustrated.

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