Andromeda Chained Chapter 4

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 4 of 28
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Time frameSeptember 1997
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The next day is a Saturday. Brenda goes back to the Fitness Center, and Connie tells her to repeat what she done the previous day, with maybe some extra reps. Carole is there, and encourages Brenda as she starts to find the going tough.

Carole gets Brenda to tell her why she's decided to lose weight, and Brenda tells her that having seen Randy Clark at a meal brought home to her what a poor state she was in.

Brenda asks Carole about the handcuffs, as they are not anything like the ones the police use. Carole explains that they are a specialty item, based on a design that was initially intended as a restraint for asylum patients rather than for police use - the type the police have would be very uncomfortable.

Carole tells Brenda about her work as a psychologist counseling people who have had a traumatic life-changing event. Her practice is mostly based in Camden.