Russ Compton

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Russ Compton
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Birth nameRuss Compton
SpouseHeather Compton

Russ Compton is employed by Clark Construction as a carpenter, and later carpenter foreman.

Russ first appears in Chapter 2 of Winter Layoff, sitting in the Pike Bar, killing time. He and Bob Coopshaw help Jim Wooten decide to drive from Spearfish Lake to Pass Christian, Mississippi, to make a reconnisance and learning trip to see if Jim's Aunt Rita and Uncle John Fleming's house is salvageable, or would need to be rebuilt from scratch.

In Chapter 12 he and a number of other Clark Construction employees (including Randy Clark) show up in Pass Christian to help build a replacement house. Among other things Russ had been the loadmaster on loading the truck that hauled the house kit from Spearfish Lake.

In Chpter 20 Russ gets promoted to carpenter foreman.

In chapter 21 his wife Heather is introduced. We discover that she is a nurse and a college graduate.

In Chapter 10 of Hiding Patty we discover that Heather is now an RN. We also learn that she already had one child when she married him, and they have two more together.