Heather Callahan

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Heather Callahan
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Heather Callahan was part of the Class of 2011 at Spearfish Lake High School. Heather was a classmate of Jack Erikson and part of Ashley Keilhorn's gossip circle.BITH5 For example, Heather supplied Ashley with the details of Rusty Frankovich's trouble with his father after ditching Vixen Hvalchek on a date.BITH12

It was Heather who took pictures of Frenchy LeDroit's car with four flat tires and posted them anonymously to the Spearfish Lake Internet message board.BITH14 She was also a witness to Frenchy's attack on Jack Erikson and Vixen's defense with bear repellent,BITH38 again uploading photos and video from her cell phone.BITH39

Heather was among those present in court at Frenchy's arraignment.BITH45

Heather drove a Chevy Cobalt.BITH14