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Dog silhouette.png
Birth date1987
This is the article for Tiffany Archer's first dog.
For information on the friend of Jennlynn Swift, see George Bush.

George was Tiffany's first dog. Her father Mike McMahon bought it as a puppy from a pound in April 1987. He was a lone, forlorn puppy in a cage, gray and white and still in the fuzzball stage. "He's the runt of a litter, and he's half malemute and half shepherd. Something kind of went bump in the night, and the family managed to get rid of the rest of the dogs."BAR40 According to Phil Wine, George was the best leader Tiffany and Josh ever had, and went to Nome twice.FtS1

George, despite being male and a dog, was Tiffany's "maid of honor" when she married Josh Archer in 1995 after the events in Runner's Moon, as revealed by her sister-in-law Candice.FtS15