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The Channel Stop is a combination marina / snack bar / boat dock / refueling location / motel at Winchester Harbor. It is the primary location in the book Winchester Harbor , the first book of the Full Sails series. The exact location of Winchester Harbor is left vague in Winchester Harbor, though it's clear it's somewhere on Lake Michigan or Lake Huron. It becomes more explicit in Blanche Tickle Girl chapter 18:

Matt decided that it was a little shorter to go north of Lake Huron, rather than around the south end. .... This meant heading northwest out of Winchester Harbor, crossing the Mackinac Bridge, and then going on up to Sault Ste. Marie to cross into Canada.

So Winchester Harbor and the Channel Stop are located on the Lake Huron side of Michigan's lower peninsula.

The Channel Stop is owned by Barb deRuyter, who employs Debby Jeppsen as a cook.WH1

Jake Lewis discovers the Channel Stop one day and does a good deed by repairing the power plug on the snack bar's deep fryer (french fry cooker).WH1

During the summer vacations Barb's daughters Susie deRuyter and Annette deRuyter help out.WH1

Nate Kunkle runs his charter fishing boat operation out of Winchester Harbor. He uses the Channel Stop's fuel dock as his refueling location and the snack bar to provide breakfasts and boxed lunches for both his customers and himself. Sometimes he picks up and drops off his customers at the Channel Stop dock instead of his at the harbor. Nate's daughter Rachel crews the boat when she's not in school.

Jake's good deed unknowingly sets into motion a series of events that totally changes the direction of his life.