Barbara Bishop

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Barbara Bishop
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For other persons named Barbara, see Barbara.

Barbara Bishop was a news reporter with WOXI, Channel 5, in Biloxi, Mississippi, and covered the fictional hijacking of Southern Airlines Flight 111.

Barbara was one of the first to arrive at Keesler AFB, having already been on remote. She was the one who prompted Will Hoffman, the Public Information NCO, to fetch a portable radio to allow the reporters to listen to the landing instructions.MC31 When Jennlynn Swift's name was first mentioned, it was Barbara that got Will to relate his story of Jennlynn saving his life. MC32 During the wait for disembarking, Barbara managed to get the story of Learjet Jenn from Air Force officers. She got confirmation before asking Jennlynn herself, "Miss Swift, We've had word from one of our affiliates about a place called the Redlite Ranch. Would you have any comment?" Jennlynn and Mallory Fox soon had Barbara sputtering.MC32 Her attempt at revenge had her asking Jeff Waldemer for his opinion, which backfired on her due to Jeff's surprisingly passionate response.MC33

Barbara is described as "a tall, blonde woman"MC31 and was "still a young reporter, not long out of college".MC32

The same events were mentioned in Growing Together Chapter 1, also viewed from another perspective in Picking Up the Pieces, where she was described as a "young-looking blonde with short hair".PUTP34