Andy Baker

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Andy Baker
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Birth date1970
SpouseHannah Baker

Andy Baker was a member of the Bradford High School Class of 1988. He has an older sister that showed horses and was a friend of Abby Tyler.DM6 He married Hannah Baker.

While Andy went to school in Bradford, compared to the others Andy "was a farm boy, used to driving heavy machinery."HT25 As his friend Scott Tyler explained it, "Andy was always up to his butt in 4-H, showing animals and that kind of thing."DM6

Andy and classmate Diane Kincaid had a summer fling while both were home from college in 1990. "We've both known it was never going to go anywhere between us,” Diane said flatly, “but we sort of made up our minds that we ought to have some fun and games while we can, but just for the summer."DM6

After college, Andy got "a job in personnel management at a cabinetmaking factory in a southeast Michigan town"HT21.

Andy married his wife Hannah just after Dayna Berkshire and Sandy Beach had their illness and break up.HT23 Emily Holst convinced them to cut short their honeymoon at Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida, to spend a couple weeks with Dayna on her circuit of Renaissance Faires.

As Dayna's keepers during their time on the circuit, the couple dressed as King Shahriyar and Scheherazade. Andy was described as wearing "baggy pants still, but now with a wide waist scarf, bare-chested with a dark green vest and a yellow turban, looking right out of A Thousand And One Nights, and carrying, of all things, a short whip." Hannah wore a harem-girl's outfit, but with handcuffs and collar. Because Dayna spent so much time in their company, she discovered details of their Dominant-Submissive relationship, including elements of bondage, that also gave her insight into her own relationship, especially to the missing Sandy.HT25HT26

When in High School, Andy had been described as "rather boisterous and easy going, casual, and a bit sloppy." After marriage, his public persona had changed. "The only term that could be used to describe him was gentleman, and he was courteous, even deferential toward his wife -- as she was with him. In fact, in both word and action they were quite polite with each other, and with her, almost to the point of being formal."HT24 Andy was not a natural dominant, but was willing to do what was needed for his wife.HT26

The Bakers came to the 10-year Reunion in Bradford and heard Eve McClellan tell her story.GM8 Hannah, who knows a thing or two about keeping secrets, was very supportive. Hannah was "heavily pregnant" at the time of the reunion.GM17

Although living about 100 miles from Bradford, the Bakers were close enough to be considered for get-togethers and were at the Halloween Drag party at the Heislers.HS1