Paula Ackerman

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Paula Ackerman
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Paula Ackerman was the roommate of Myleigh Harris while the pair were grad students at Cornell University in 1996-1997.

Paula was mostly deaf, requiring hearing aids in both ears, a lucky circumstance considering Myleigh's loud snoring. She was described as "a thin, frail-looking sandy-haired girl"DW40 Her speech was also described as affected as one that had to learn without the benefit of hearing.

Myleigh deliberately attempted to impress Paula, showing off Randy Clark, her tan boyfriend with muscles, and photos of her surfing and as part of the Boreal String Band with Jenny Easton. Paula was suitably awed. After the year was over, Paula left to Antioch.

Myleigh described her friendship with Paula to Crystal Chladek as "We never quite became the sort of close friends that you and I did. We mostly occupied the same space without bothering each other too much." She grinned. "I'm afraid I intimidated the poor girl a bit. She didn't quite know what to think of me."DW52