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New York City or just New York is a city at the mouth of the Hudson river in North America. It's the 19th largest city in world by populaton (Wikipedia).

New York City was the home of Shae Kirkendahl, first moving there when she was hired by World Sports Network to cover the WNBA. Dave Patterson first moved to New York to attend Columbia University, which is where he met his future wife, Julie Albright.

The fall of the WTC towers is an important part of Picking Up the Pieces, but it plays also a role in Blue Beauty and River Rat.

Two customers of Canyon Tours, Phil and Becky Osborne, lost their son on 9/11 when the plane he was on crashed into the south tower.RR59

Frank Oldfield would bitterly complain how "The bastards, sitting up there in New York, they didn't know what the hell he had to put up with down here"BB15 in Nashville, refering to the owners of Nashville-Murray. It was later implied their New York offices were in the north tower of the World Trade Center.BB32

Brenda Hodunk worked for World News Network with offices in New York. Jennlynn Swift and Norma Franceour flew Skyhook to New York to record parts of a WNN Newsmagazine show on prostitution with Brenda.HOG20 Jennlynn subsequently returned to New York to appear on a few chat shows to promote her book Learjet Jenn’s Sex Work for Beginners.HOG24