Julie Patterson

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Julie Patterson
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Birth nameJulie Albright
Death dateSeptember 11, 2001
Death placeNew York City
SpouseDave Patterson
FatherStan Albright
MotherDeborah Albright
Cameron PattersonMDecember 1996
Tyler PattersonMJanuary 1996

Julie Patterson, maiden name Julie Albright, was the first wife of Dave Patterson and is one of the characters in the book titled Picking Up the Pieces. Julie was killed on September 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center collapsed. Her parents were Stan and Deborah Albright and she was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticutt. Both Julie and Dave attended Columbia University and during college she interned at her father's company. After graduation, she continued on her MBA while Dave supported them. The pair were married by a Justice of the Peace, to her mother's disappointment.PUTP3

After getting her MBA, Julie worked at Smith, Fawcett making good money, but getting frustrated by the lack of promotion for women. She quit shortly before giving birth to Tyler in January 1996, and then had Cameron 11 months later. A few months afterwards, she returned to the job market, first part-time at Harris and Wheeler, and then full time at Bellinger Gates.PUTP3

At the time of September 11th, the Pattersons lived in Battery Park Village and Julie had a short walk to the WTC where she worked for Bellinger Gates.PUTP1

Besides her devastated husband, she was survived by her two sons, Cameron and Tyler; as well as her grief-stricken parents.PUTP1