Deborah Albright

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Deborah Albright
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SpouseStan Albright
Julie PattersonF

For other persons named Deborah, see Debbie.

Deborah Albright and her husband Stan live in Hartford, Connecticutt. Their only child, a daughter, was Julie who died in the World Trade Center collapse on September 11th, 2001. Julie and her husband Dave Patterson have given them two grandsons, Tyler and Cameron.

Stan inherited the family business and had sufficient wealth to be considered "'upper upper middle class'". This allowed Deborah to hold a very high opinion of themselves and consider Julie to have married beneath her.PUTP7

The loss of her only child reduced Deborah to hysteria and even the intercession of Dr. Eve McClellan couldn't prevent embarassment. "Deborah was very insistent that the boys come home to Hartford with them, right now, this minute, and plan on staying there permanently. It was evident she didn't think much of Dave's capabilities as a father, and the whole thing was somehow his fault. "PUTP7