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Nashville-Murray is a (fictional) music production company based in Nashville but with a president that reports to a corporate board in New York City. Past executives with Nashville-Murray include Mike Monagan in the 1980s. Frank Oldfield was the President in 2000-2001. Nashville-Murray is a major player in County Music but reluctant to deviate from the traditional country genre.

Of the many performers under contract, one in particular was Jenny Easton. Jenny was first signed in 1980 and only renewed that contract due to a kickback from Monagan to her agent, Fred Knox. When her contract came up a third time, Jenny was able to negotiate a substantially better contract. However between fights over creative control, studio use and song rights, she started her own production company. By 2001 she was not making new music with Nashville-Murray and appeared to have a lawsuit alledging unpaid royalties.

Blake Walworth was never an employee with Nashville-Murray, but worked directly for Jenny.