Mrs. LeDroit

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Mrs. LeDroit
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SpouseMr. LeDroit
Frenchy LeDroitM

Mrs. LeDroit was Frenchy LeDroit's mother. She worked at the Super Market in Spearfish Lake and bought cheap food from the bargain rack. There was never much food in the house.OC1

She and her husband realisd they'd set a bad example with their drinking and had quit while Frenchy was in jail. They'd serched the house and got rid of all Frenchy's hidden beer and vodka. They visited Frenchy in jail once, around Christmas.OC3

She went to the casino at Three Pines to play the slot machines every weekend with her husband.OC19

Her attitude to Frenchy after he got out of jail was about the same as her husband's.OC4

While her husband was in prison she lost the house because she couldn't keep up the payments. She left town and filed for divorce, hoping he wouldn't be able to fine her when he got out.OC26