Mike Borchardt

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Mike Borchardt
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For other persons named Mike, see Mike.

Mike Borchardt is a boatman with Canyon Tours. He joined Al Buck's wedding trip in May 2001, partway down the canyon, taking Scooter's spot as she hiked out of the Grand Canyon after the wedding.

Mike goes to the University of Northern Colorado, studying Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. He has done some rodeo riding, it's likely he grew up in New Jersey.CF20 He "was a certified lifeguard, and had a reportedly good arm with a throw bag in case a rescue might be needed."CF26 Mike ran the first raft through Lava Rapids, the better to pick up swimmers should a raft flip.

Mike ran with Crystal Chladek during the summer of 2000, but he was still new enough that Al would run occasional rapids with him to see how he did and thought Mike needed to be warned not to run the left side of Bedrock Rapids.CF23

Mike and Joy Russell were lost when her husband and Jon and Tanisha Chladek enjoyed a high energy laser discussion. Mike held his own better when the discussion turned to Canyon geology.CF27

Mike asked to switch to Team 1, to be with Norma, another boatman.CF29