Heikki Toivo

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Heikki Toivo
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SpouseHeidi Toivo
Betsy ToivoF1951
Henry ToivoM1950

Heikki Toivo and his family lived in Amboy Township, east of Spearfish Lake. He and his wife, Heidi, had two boys, Henry and Jody and a daughter Betsy.

In the winter of 1966, Henry and Jody were school friends with Mark Gravengood and Steve Augsberg and the four liked to go rabbit hunting together. Betsy was good school friends with Karin Johanson, Kirsten Langenderfer, and Linda Caserowski. All eight had a memorable evening at the Toivo's house that included a visit to the Toivo Sauna with some skinny dipping in the lake.

After their son Henry went missing in Vietnam, Mr. and Mrs. Toivo acted as second parents to Kirsten, Henry's fiancee.

Heikki Toivo was a marine during World War 2, not with the National Guard unit of Colonel Matson. He fought at Guadalcanal.AF04 Heikki was Amboy Township supervisor for years, at least from 1975 to 1991. He was also the sexton for the Amboy Township cemetery.AF52

Heidi's health wasn't very good by 1988. To find out what happened to her son before she died was part of the story in finding support. She saw the Toivo Expedition off in December 1990, but she was more frail than ever. Still, she managed to see her son's body returned and formally buried in the township cemetery, with full honors by the Army’s Third Infantry Regiment.AF52