Amboy Township

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Amboy Township is somewhere east of Spearfish Lake, although close enough that the township kids go to school in Spearfish Lake.

The Amboy Township Supervisor in 1975 was Heikki Toivo. He was still supervisor in 1991.

The township has its own cemetery. After Henry Toivo disappeared in Vietnam, local vets held a small memorial service in April 1973 above an empty grave there.AF05 After his body was recovered a full military funeral was held there in January 1991. A smaller memorial ceremony by the local vets was held on May 27, 1991.AF52 Heikki Toivo was also the cemetery sexton, although most of the real work was hired out.

The Toivo home in Amboy Township was also the location of the notorious Toivo Sauna.

Chandler Lake in Amboy Township holds the island bought by David and Stacy NewtonHC17 to build their English Windmill house. The island became known as Windmill Island.HC18