Flagstaff John Wesley Fellowship

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A small independent church which has been getting along on supply pastors and lay speakers for over 2 years in July 2003. The congregation can’t bring in a new pastor for what they can afford to pay.

It was a small white frame building with a tall steeple; which seemed that it would be more at home in some tiny New England village than among the pines of Flagstaff

'While the name sort of says we’re Wesleyan, we don’t have any formal connections with them. We’re independent, and have been for years. Actually, we’re pretty close to being Methodists, but we like having our own group.'

Preach agrees to speak on occasional Sundays though he is determined not to become their regular pastor.DBR25

There are friendly links with Hillside Methodist Church. Reverend Miller sometimes steps in to take services. Hillside donated their old hymnals to the John Wesley Fellowship when they bought new ones.DBR26

Nanci Chladek sometimes takes the Sunday service. She introduced Sarah Lackamp to speak at The Fellowship for Christmas 2005 and Sarah spoke there a number of times the following summer.

The Fellowship cut a deal on the rent of their parsonage to Kevin Haynes and Sarah Lackamp when they married if Sarah would speak there regularly, fitting it round being a boatman with Canyon Tours.

Sarah refused to be named as their pastor, but on the signboard in front of the church she’s listed as the ‘Interim Pastor.’ With them, ‘interim’ could mean decades.HR24