Ellen Standing Bear

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Ellen Standing Bear
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Ellen Standing Bear was an old katara (wise woman, shaman) of the Shakahatche Indians. Ellen was an older woman, around seventy, of medium height, slim, with a heavily furrowed face and gray hair. She reminded Danny Evachevski of Shirley Hoffman.

Ellen has an elder sister, Ruth Standing Bear, who is blind.SQ37 Ellen, Ruth and her guide dog Toby live in one of the modular homes at the edge of an Indian village. Ellen and Ruth have spent much of their lives teaching others the Shakahatche language, and working to preserve the culture of their tribe.SQ40

Debbie Elkstalker went to Ellen for advice on living with—and embracing—her Indian heritage.SQ31

Ellen, Ruth, Dorothy and Sarah (two other kataras) guided Debbie towards a vision quest.SQ37

Later on she was involved in Debbie's and Danny Evachevski's commitment ceremony.SQ50