Absent Friend Chapter 49

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Absent Friend
Chapter 49 of 52
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Time frameDecember 30, 1990
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  • Outside the village of Duc Vinh, Vietnam



The rest of the team go to where Steve and Gil are, leaving Nhu Lap to look after the camp.

When they realize that Binky is talking to the old man about a soldier's body that he buried, they realize they have a chance.

Rod gets his excavation tools out for the first time. The old man takes them to a clearing very close to where Steve and Gil had stopped that morning. There is a small depression there, and he says that the body is not far down.

They start to excavate the site, with Mike taking photos, and soon find evidence of a body, probably the result of a mine explosion. As they work their way down they find pieces of boot, bits of bone, and finally a dogtag with Henry Toivo's name.