Westbrook Ranch

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Westbrook Ranch was a few miles from Conestoga Methodist Church, and 23 miles from Tyler,CR10 where Trent Westbrook ran buffalo instead of the more common beef cattle.

There was a low ranch house that seemed very typical and appropriate in the setting with outbuildings scattered around, including a garage close to the house. There were a couple of corrals containing horses and a solid board enclosure nearby. It had been homesteaded by Trent Westbrook's granddad over a hundred years before.CR8

The Trent and Cathy Westbrook hosted a potluck barbecue for Reverend Nanci Chladek to meet the people of Conestoga Methodist Church on her first Saturday in the area.CR6

Nanci met Amber Wallace for the first time when Keith Westbrook brought her to the potluck barbecue.CR10